Guidance & Support

Sometimes moving forward a relationship to this next stage of public visibility can provoke a number of challenges.  Here at Equal Rites we have a number of team members who are qualified in counselling and pastoral advice around the many issues which can arise particularly where there are complicating factors arising such as divorce, step-children, sexuality, health issues, long-distance-relationships or a recent traumatic loss.

We offer a range of counselling and support services for those in relationships which are experiencing stress, or where the process of moving towards marriage or long term public commitment through a civil partnership is raising some challenges. You are not alone – and it is good to talk around the issues which may be troubling you, before you get embroiled in the details of the ‘big day’ itself.

So Be in contact to have your name on the Equal Rites network to be  updated when our bi- monthly 2017 ezine is published and to book an initial consultation with one of our pastoral and counselling team.  Where possible we shall seek to make this a face to face experience for you – with our normal initial conversation being facilitated on-line by Skype or Go to Meeting.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon.