Planning for your Special day

Every ‘Special Event’ requires a good dose of preparation and forward planning – from ensuring that your friends are all clear on the venue, dress code, and key elements of the day, family are up to speed with extra components which may be being dreamed up, and those who are running the venue side of both the Ceremony, and then the hospitality requirements, are fully informed as to your needs and any special requirements.

Then you can RELAX and allow the day to flow.

Here are some different resources which we have found on the web to help you through thinking about and preparing for your Big Day – Let us know if you have other planners which you think could help others preparing for their day.

Getting the essentials in place.


Don’t forget to be in touch with us early in order to start thinking about those all important elements of what you want the central purpose of the day to be, of what you are both saying publicly to one another, and how you want to build in your friends and family members into this special day.  Here at Equal, we know that this element of the day can be complicated to think about.

That’s why we look forward to helping you with a  steer on how to build your special day, your vows, the special readings, the music, the programme,  the setting and flow of all the various elements, to make this a memorable, satisfying and special day for all involved.

We look forward to playing our part in helping build this special day with you – and now here are some planners to inspire your deliberations.

Saying it with Flowers

A great deal of thought is often expended on the floral decorations and themes which will decorate the Ceremony’s venue, whether that is in a church, or a country house, in an old character filled inn, or some location out in the open countryside.  You really have a blank sheet of paper to let your ideas branch wide and free for the occassion – so why not set up a Pinterest page and start building ideas for how you would like the ‘bower’ to be, where you are setting this most intimate, yet public announcement to one another.

But this does not need to be a super costly exercise. In the spring wild flowers, and blossom in most people’s gardens (who have them) are in abundance – and these can be used to embellish not only the venue, but also to say a special thank you to those whom you have invited – because they are special to you –

Here are some ideas which we liked –

Using potted plants as a way of establishing who is sitting where – the name markers can be chalked up flower tabs – which then can become place markers for the table.  Don’t forget to have a back up paper list for those who are become mystified by this floral distributor.

And here  are some other variations on the theme of planted pots at table

thank you for coming –

Your friends and famiy are only too delighted to share your day – but for those who would like to thank particular members of the bridal party this is a lovely way to express your thanks –

Thinking about how to express your thanks to your friends and family – why not say it with flowers

For the young at heart

For children there are a number of ways of including them in your ‘gifting’ on the day – here is a way of sending them off with a lovely message about the way in which Love, and affection grows, and develops for all of us, when tended with care and attention. And no need to draw the line with the youngster – all those with a window box or garden will love this touch.

Leaving a gift on the table for people to sow when they get home – herbs, sunflowers and nasturtiums a firm favourite for this.

And on the theme of Confetti – bio-degradable flower petals

Many venues have some restrictions on the throwing of confetti – however many may well be more inclined to receive your
bio-degradable freeze dried flower petals garnered over the summer months in preparation for your day.  We think these look wonderful – and are especially sympathetic for outdoor venues.

We even have some liturgies which work in the distribution of petal cones to your guests in preparation for your departure from the venue.